Exporting US Engineering Labor Overseas, an Ethical Perspective

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Exporting US Engineering Labor Overseas, an Ethical Perspective Introduction The recent trend of outsourcing white collar jobs overseas to countries such as India has angered many American Technology professionals. This is occurring specifically in areas such as computer software, chip design and technical support. This trend has contributed to the increasing difficulty many Americans, who are looking for technical jobs, are experiencing. The purpose of this paper is to determine whether this anti-outsourcing attitude has any moral basis and to discuss the conflict of interests involved. This trend has a huge number of stakeholders, impacting engineers working for US companies as well as the entire economies of the US and the…show more content…
Technology companies used this model for manufacturing. Manufacturing services were outsourced to countries such as The Philippines, China, and Malaysia as well as many other developing countries where the cost of labor was significantly lower. One specific example of this in the semiconductor industry was that most of the chip package assembly work was outsourced and moved to the Philippines. By the 1990’s, the scope of the services being outsourced widened to include any service. In the Semiconductor Industry, the actual fabrication of devices moved overseas to countries such as Taiwan. This shift gave more control to the external company and these service suppliers became closer to their business partners, becoming part of the supply chain for the primary company. The use of outsourcing by companies is progressing to where the external company is actually bringing the product to market, including engineering and management services. The outsourcing company is only developing the innovation. In this case the primary company’s business is completely dependent on the external company. Throughout this paper, I use the term “overseas outsourcing” loosely to refer to any service outsourcing to countries outside the border of the United States. The lower cost of living in many nations provides the required lower cost labor for outsourcing to be profitable. Different time zones also allow for work to be accomplished 24 hours/day. The

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