Essay Exposing American Myths Today

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The United States of America has been blessed with the grace with God, it is the land of spacious skies, amber waves of grain, endless possibilities, and freedom for all. It is superior to all other nations and when faced with moral dilemmas. It is firmly believed by citizens that God sides with them. Though these are the ideals and the purposes of which the United States was founded, they are still myths and legends that are not necessarily truthful today. They were partially created by facts but mostly by the government and the people. Myths are dreams that take one from reality and place them in a comfort zone that feels much more at ease than dealing with what is reality and truth. There are so many myths that are meant to placate the…show more content…
And in the foreground there is a cornucopia of fruits, vegetables, and a fat juicy turkey that is being served in thanks of new friends and new beginnings. However, though a lovely story, this is far from the truth. There was very minimal laughing and playing amongst them and sadly there was a brutal and bloody war for the land that was heartlessly being conquered and abused by the settlers. So where did this obscene story of the cornucopia, turkey, and new friends begin? It almost seems laughable that the truth could have been flipped around so that the complete opposite was being told to children who continue this offensiveness to this day by wearing imitation construction paper feather headdresses on Thanksgiving. “Indians are (falsely) perceived as being too few, and therefore too weak, to defend themselves effectively against racist and otherwise offensive behavior” (Churchill 539), their people are overlooked because the others who tell these traditional tales make the assessment that it is all in good fun, and determine that if the intention is not to hurt anyone then that is all that matters. “There’s been no harm done, regardless of what their victims think, feel, or say” (538). Patriotism is worldwide and the notion that America is a city on a hill and above all others is illogical. Fredrick Douglass stated that America’s founding fathers “loved their country better than their own private interests” and “staked their
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