Exposing Child Abuse and Neglect Essay examples

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In 2012 it was reported that over five million children were abused and neglected in the United States. More than five children die each day as a result of abuse and neglect. (Prevent Child Abuse America). There are many factors that cause child abuse and neglect. The parent factor states that parents who have been abused physically, sexually, or emotionally or were neglected, as children will do the same to their children. Stress plays a major role in the parent factor. Overly stressed parents often take their frustrations out on their children. Alcohol and drug abuse also play a major role in the parent factor. Another factor is the child factor. It states that some children are more vulnerable to abuse or neglect than others …show more content…
For example, taking away a favorite toy or some type of privilege (e.g. phone calls, television, video games). These are two methods that have proven to be effective in disciplining children. However, there is one method that is a little more effective, that is spanking the child. A spanking is only given to a child as a last resort to let them know that what they did was wrong and they are not to do it again. So when does spanking become abuse? Spanking becomes abuse when it is no longer used as a disciplining method, but as a way for the parent to vent out or is vital to the health of the child. When a parent begins to use their child as a punching bag or as a way to release anger, then it becomes abuse. When parents starve children because they did not finish their chores fast enough or calls them stupid and dumb, that is abuse. Child discipline becomes abuse when the situation becomes vital to the health and well being of the child. No child should have to deal with any type of abuse from a parent or guardian, not physically, mentally or emotionally. However, parents and guardians should discipline their children in the right way. When a child is disciplined (in the right way) it teaches them right from wrong and makes them a better person, but knowing how to discipline determines the difference between discipline and abuse. Different types of abuse have different effects on children later in life. A

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