Exposing Children to Violence in Gerard Jones' Essay Violent Media is Good for Kids

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In Gerard Jones' essay “Violent Media is Good for Kids,” he argues a position not taken by many in today's culture. Jones advocates children should be exposed to violent media in order to overcome real life hardships. The problem with Jones' argument arise when he fails to develop his somewhat dated ideas and leaves his audience questioning how effective such exposure would be. In the exposition of Jones' essay, he tells the story of his sheltered childhood. Growing up in a “progressive” family, he was protected from violence in the media. However, after exposure to violent comic books, especially the Incredible Hulk, Jones had a change of heart. He felt the mental connection between the characters in the comic to his own life. As a result, he dedicated a portion of his career to educating children on how to use violent comic books to better their lives. Jones partnered with psychologist Melanie Moore to scientifically study how violent comics can improve adolescent behavior. Therefore, Jones tries to convince his audience to support his claim, but ultimately falls short. Although Jones' argument is overall shaky, he does incorporate one element that strengthened his objective. In the seventh paragraph, Jones introduces Melanie Moore, a psychologist who “consults to public schools and local governments.” He explains how they have worked together for the past three years and have developed intensive research. Jones included Moore to strengthen his opinion and show the

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