Exposing The Weakness Of Confucianism

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Exposing the Weakness in Confucianism Confucianism, often mistaken as a religion, is a philosophical system that helped shaped society during Ancient China from 551-479 B.C. A Chinese philosopher named Confucius developed the idea in hopes of eliminating China’s problem of disorder in society. The ideology of Confucianism helped Ancient China build a foundation to establish institution and social order. Confucius intent was to create social harmony in society, and in order achieve social harmony; individuals must live by moral examples of superiority. This entailed unequal relationship in human society: the father has power over his son, the husband has power of his wife, the older brother has power over his younger brother, the eldest son has power over his mother, and of course, leaders had power of individuals. With this idea, Confucius believed that this would create equal balance between the importance of families and the importance of state and nation. Juggling between these the importance of families and state had people question whether or not individuals were able to maintain serving the nation and state while fulfilling their family’s obligations. In this paper, I will be researching whether or not Confucianism benefited Ancient China’s society as a whole, or if the idea of Confucianism leads to social destruction rather than social harmony with the help of two articles. In Cui Dahua “A Weakness in Confucianism: Private and Public moral,” and Wellington Koo…
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