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Information literacy is an important skill, and unfortunately one that many people lack. Recently, I evaluated the website Although most of the information available on the website has merit, it was created as a hoax to bring light to the subject of information literacy in todays’ society. My evaluation of the website will prove that the website masks itself as a reputable source of information, but by researching the website itself, it becomes evident that it is in fact nothing more than a hoax. According to the criteria for evaluating a website set forth by the University of California Berkeley, the URL makes this website appear legitimate. There are no indicators that the website is published by an outside source. It also…show more content…
Although most of the information available may be true, there are other indicators that the website may not have the most reliable information. There are no footnotes contained on any of the webpages, nor are there links to reliable sources of information. In fact, nearly all of the links on the site will redirect you to another page under the same domain. This, to me, is a good indicator that there are no other sources to justify that the information contained are from a quality source. One link on the site’s main page that I found particularly deceptive was the US Environmental Assessment Center logo. A search of the name resulted in a top hit for the US Environmental Protection Agency’s US Environmental Assessment Center. Upon closer examination, I realized the logo’s for the USEPA and the logo for the US Environmental Assessment Center on the website were very similar, but not the same. Lastly, and most importantly, when I first started reading the information on I wasn’t even sure what dihydrogen monoxide was. However, a search of the name turned up a newspaper article that told of a California town that had attempted to pass legislature after hearing about the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide (Wan, 2004). Luckily, the city council discovered that the term
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