Expository Draft On School Programs

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Tyler Borris
English 9 Honors
Mr. Anderson
Expository Draft Borris In school, grades and scores are considered to be everything, if having the highest possible grades is a main priority, joining a program or activity after school would be highly beneficial. Activities and programs that are held after school can be one of the most beneficial things for a student in any type or grade of school. Participation and dedication is very important within years of attending school. These activities improve test scores, attendance, and chances for college or graduation in general. Schools that have implemented after-school programs have shown to be a very favorable decision for children and have displayed results of having greater scoring on tests and exams rather than schools that have not implemented these programs. After-school programs have improved scores for individuals and it has reflected on the school, making the entire school’s average look better as a whole. According to Barnett, a school that he personally researched himself, went from an F average for two years to a B average in one year. This shows that they did not have a good grade reflection before they made the decision of making the addition of after-school activities. (Barnett 8). Since this specific school has gone from an F to a B average, it makes the school look a lot better. This does not mean visually appealing, it means that the school looks as if they are a better place for learning and they can
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