Expository Essay About Mcdonalds

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Expository Essay: Topic A: Fries for Life The idea of free McDonalds for life is a no brainer, right?! …. Wrong! but why? McDonald’s is well known to be the largest fast food retailer in the entire world. It is a global phenomenon which has been the market leader for the past decade or more. There are many reasons for this; it is cheap, fast, reliable and tasty. It is tantalizing on our eyes and our taste buds. The very colors that McDonald’s use on its packaging and in marketing are there to elicit feelings of hunger and desire. But would I want this every day for the rest of my life?? Is it so appealing that I would endanger my health and well-being just because it is free? No! This essay will explain the reasons for this answer, and…show more content…
Spanish researchers tested the rise in depression based upon fast food eaten by over 9,000 people, with the results showing an increase in depression for 57% of the participants. Other research supports this notion with several studies showing that mental health disorders such as depression, attention deficit disorder and schizophrenia were all linked to a rise in the consumption of fast food. There were also scientific studies to show that a poor diet was linked to behavioral and mood related problems. This is a trend which seems to be growing quickly among people, the more people are exposed to fast foods. Not only does junk food lack many of the ‘good’ brain foods, it includes many of the foods ‘bad’ for mental health conditions, including white sugars, caffeine, deep fried foods, pesticides, refined carbs and additives such as MSG and aspartame. Although some of the more scientific links between fast foods and mental health disorders are more difficult to prove, there is a clear link between fast foods and psychological issues. The higher the consumption of McDonalds will inevitably lead to a decrease in self-belief, confidence and motivation. It is often known as comfort food for a reason, as it helps to cheer us up when we are down or deflated. It is this sense of warmth that can be a good thing from time to time but if this was constant it would only be a matter of time before this over
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