Expository Essay On Shakespeare's 'Julius Ceasar'

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Julius Caesar Expository Essay Marlene Dietrich once said “It’s the friends that you can call up at a.m. that matter”/ he chose this quote because it’s saying that people don’t know who their real friends are until they're in need of help. He chose friendship over social because of three reasons they are number one friendship will last a long time and never attack him unless he did something wrong to his friend.number two a friendship will care about what the other person feels and does more than society will ever. And finally the third reason why he chose friendship is because then he know’s he has a voice being heard by someone who cares. The first reason why he would choose friendship over social is because it would last a long time…show more content…
He will be cared for by many people just to help him out of a hard or difficult time in his life. Also he can put trust and honesty into someone that they would do the right thing.Another reason is because he can believe someone will do the correct or honest thing in life .
The third reason why he choose friendship is because people care and hear what he says to them. He is heard by his friends and not society. He also is supported by his friends about what he does in his life and they see him on the right track if he is doing something dangerous or ridiculous. Another reason why he choose friendship[ over society is because if he’s honest and truthful to his friends than he will feel better about himself.
The reason why He picked his paragraph is because it means a lot to him about life and if he’s honest he won’t get punished as bad if he would lie and he can put faith into his friends and they won’t let him down because everybody needs friends otherwise we’re all alone and being alone isn’t fun and that’s why we have friends to keep us going through the hard times in life.Also if he doesn’t put trust into them how can we have trust in
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