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During the semester, the class was assigned writing tasks that were intended to showcase our strengths and weaknesses in our writing. We were forced to think outside the box and expand on ideas in our readings. In the beginning of the semester, I was not certain what to except from this course. Writing has never been my strong suit, early in the semester I struggled with the writings. In high school, English class was not my favorite subject causing me to not gain the knowledge I should have, coming into this course with a poor knowledge about expository and narrative writing. Once I entered this course, the information that was received about expository and narrative writing helped me tremendously. I became accustomed to the new writing…show more content…
My weakness that was evident in my writing was my grammar, I made a few mistakes that could’ve been fixed had I revised my grammar more intently. Overall I enjoyed this writing because it was based off a topic that I could relate to easily. I learned that if I organize my ideas prior to writing, it makes it a lot easily to write about.
The prompt of the reflection was to reflect on a topic and question it. I wrote about love and why it is that we love certain things. In my writing, I explained how individuals fall in love based off quality memories that they have of that a person, place, or thing. My purpose was to provide the reader with enough information to convince them that love is based off memories. The toughest challenge that I faced was finding enough information to support my claim. Through multiple hours of searching the web I was able to find enough information that supported my claim and was satisfied with my draft that was submitted. While I was revising my paper my focus was to eliminate any grammatical and or spelling errors that may have been made. Throughout my writing the strength of it was my sensory imagery, when I talked about my grandmother’s home I made sure to give the reader a good mental image. Another strength that was evident in my writing was my personal experiences, giving a perspective from my eyes to give the reader a better sense of what I was trying to say. The weakness of this paper was my

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