Essay on Expository Writing - an Elephant Crackup

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Lea Cherbaka Expository Writing Professor Joanne Sills January 26, 2010 Civil Mammals Violence has become a major problem in modern-day society. Gruesome video games and certain entertainment shows such as pro-wrestling has been exposing violence to kids that later on wish to emulate these actions. These actions are then publicized to the world by violent acts toward other species and human beings. In his article, “An Elephant Crackup,” Charles Siebert depicts the violence that humans have done toward the elephant culture and how humans should put a stop to these acts and save elephants from extinction. With his strong defense on elephants, Siebert gives the reader a better…show more content…
This is due to the fact that children are attached to their caretakers for a long period of time, just like elephants. If both species had empathy toward one another then young children from both man and pachyderm would receive appropriate guidance, therefore obtaining a better and healthier society. Humans must set an example for elephants by displaying positive behavior to eliminate the violence that can put both species at risk. In his article, Siebert describes the many violent attacks that elephants have done toward humans due to the captivity that humans have kept elephants under. The captivity toward elephants has emerged due to a lack of human empathy, which then causes elephants to rage more and engage in violent attacks. Gay Bradshaw, a psychologist at the environmental-sciences program goes further to distinguish relationships between humans and animals: “Where for centuries humans and elephants lived in relative peaceful coexistence, there is now hostility and violence. Now I use the term ‘violence’ because of the intentionality associated with it, both in the aggression of humans and, at times, the recently observed behavior of elephants (527).” The key phrase that Bradshaw states is the “peaceful coexistence” that humans and elephants used to have. Both humans and elephants are wild creatures and it is undeniably difficult for two extremes to make peace, especially
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