Exposur The Jigsaw Strategies

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Unfortunately discrimination has always been part of our society; ever since slavery and several ant immigration laws were established to discriminate against races it has made it more difficult for society to recover. Discrimination is always being part of our lives because of the stereotypes and racial labels created by society. Today more than ever kids are interacting with people of different ethnicities, religion and cultures. Unfortunately kids are being taught about group difference from a very young age, according to the book kids are learning about this racial difference as early as six months. At the age of three children are able recognize and distinguish different characteristics of a human being. As the child becomes older he or she learns several stereotypes and attitudes, causing prejudice to take place. Some parents welcome the fact that we live in a diverse society. Others may feel more hesitant and don’t allowed their kids to have much…show more content…
Aronson main purpose was to reduce prejudice among young children and to create a positive environment. Ever since this technique was developed educators have adopted this method across the country. This technique splits classes into small groups; each group is assigned a different piece of information. After reviewing the information with your group, you later join other group and discuss what you just learn. Finally students return to their originally groups and discuss the new information just learn. The jigsaw strategy requires students to listen and to work together as a team to accomplish a common goal. Personally working with other classmates made me more involve in my learning. I was able to meet new students from different backgrounds, also it helped to improve my listing, communication and problem solving
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