Exposure At Diversity And Time Spent Studying Diversity Essay

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(INTRO) In my research I have come across three main points that do their part to answer the question. First main point that comes from this research is, exposure to diversity and time spent studying diversity helps develop empathy in the student. Second, a knowledge of diversity due to exposure to it in secondary schools allow students to develop meaningful relationships with people that are different than themselves as well as prevent anxiety for when they enter the world outside of their secondary school. Finally, my research has shown that exposure to diversity stays with the student well after secondary school and because of this it affects their decisions throughout their lives following school. These decisions, when preceded by an exposure to diversity, lead to integration and thus destroy the “Perpetuation Theory.” All three of these main ideas hover around the idea of knowledge and understanding of the “other.” This research shows the importance of exposure to diversity because of the way it causes students to critically think about themselves and the world around them. (INTRODUCTION TO EMPATHY AND ARTICLE 4) A case study was done by high school literature teachers as a way to help develop and monitor the growth of empathy that their students had for people that were culturally different then them (Louie, 2005). During this study, students were introduced to life for the people that lived through China during the high point of the countries Communism. The teachers

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