Exposure Therapy : Exposure Techniques For A Controlled And Systematic Method

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Exposure Therapy Exposure techniques allow for a controlled and systematic method of bringing Jakki into contact with feared events, dreams and people in her life. The therapist and Jakki will work together to develop a functional assessment, hierarchy of feared stimuli or events (from highly to mildly distressing), addressing each from high to low. Exposure needs to continue until Jakki’s stress level drops by at least half. By using exposure techniques, both vivo and in vivo, Jakki’s fear structure can be broken, emotional processing can occur, resulting in a new ability to cope and an increased tolerance of anxiety and uncertainty (Wenzel, 2013). There are exposure treatments that can be helpful in decreasing Jakki’s symptoms,…show more content…
There are three techniques are helpful in reducing the impact of intense emotions; controlled breathing, muscle relaxation, mindfulness and self-soothing. All three can be used interchangeable usually beginning with controlled breathing exercises for clients with difficulties with over breathing. Muscle relaxation if Jakki reports feeling muscle tension, mindfulness for any judgmental attitudes toward her thoughts-emotions-behavior, and self-soothing to increase feelings of kindness and compassion toward herself (Wenzel, 2013). Mindfulness and Trauma Mindfulness meditation exercises (loving-kindness, mindfulness compassion) teach Jakki to turn her attention inward, watching herself without judgement, considering her thoughts without labeling them as good or bad. Mindfulness will allow Jakki to increase emotional regulation, being more focused on the here and now and begin dealing with the intense emotions experienced around her brother’s death, in bed at night, dreaming and around men with beards. Mindfulness practice will allow Jakki to notice her thoughts at a distance. Mindfulness can allow Jakki to have more compassion toward herself and others. She can learn to become less critical of herself and more aware and gentle toward her trauma reactions. By learning to let go of her thoughts and emotions, and letting them go without judgement, Jakki can decrease avoidance behaviors and acting reactively
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