Expresion In School

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As Victoria entered the school everything seemed different, but at the same time the same. Same faces, same people, same school, but at the same time things seemed different. Expresion, Victoria finally thought of the word. Expression on people’s faces, they seemed more welcoming, saying “Hi”, but if you looked closer you can see that it was phony. Last year not so many people said “Hi” but you could see sincerity in their eyes. Many things had changed from last year, friends, sports, interests, and of course now she is in 10th grade, but that was not that important. It all started this summer when Victoria went to a camp where she met the her new friends, Alisa, Jessie, and Natalie. They got very close together over the summer. Victoria always thought they were mean like other popular girls, but no they were very nice to her. Now school began and Victoria became popular as well, she thought she would never be. Not that Victoria was such a loser she had friends that were always there for her were always there for her but being popular never was her thing. And what about her old friends? Well,…show more content…
“What?” Victoria asked. “Scott asked me out!” Alisa answered almost screaming. “ He did?! You waited for this so long! I’m very happy for you” Victoria exclaimed, she was very happy for Alisa. She knew how long she dreamed for it. They started jumping up and down together. Their long blond hair got all over their faces, but they were interrupted. “ Look!” Jessie said as she pointed at the girl that just tripped and dropped her books. No one came to help her even so every body have seen that she dropped her books. Only a second later Victoria realized that it was Either. “ What a jerk!” Natalie said with a smile. “ You made a good decision by not being friends with her and others. They deserve it.” The bell rang and everybody rushed to their classroom’s in a fear of being
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