Express Indy West by Dave Kehlor

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Since Express Employment Professionals is a privately-held company, the financial records of the company are not available but after speaking with Dave, he was able to give some insight on the success of the company. Dave and his wife open Express Indy West in 1995 and was the only Express office in Indianapolis until 2005. He then bought the Lebanon office in late 2004 along with becoming the developer for the whole state of Indiana acting as a mentor for all Express offices in Indiana. Kehlor (2014) explained that Express Indianapolis (which includes 5 locations) generated between $12-13 million in 2004. In 2009 right after the recession, Express Indy generated roughly $18.3 million. This alone was a big jump for Express Indy, especially with the addition of the other four offices. This was an 82% jump in sales and put a total of 628 people to work. In 2012, Express Indy generated $36.3 million which was slightly higher than its 2013 sales of $33.4 million. This discrepancy was due to the loss of two of Express’s largest clients of Express moving out of town. During this time, Express had roughly 400 associates at these two companies in which Express took a big hit. Although sales generated during 2013 were lower, Express had billed clients roughly 2 million hours and had roughly 11,050 people working for the year. This was an 83% jump in hours since the recession.…
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