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Case Study 1 Hanqing Zhao (Bill) Martin Jiles, Executive Director of Express, was leading Express for 8 years. He had set up the “can-do” culture and the results-oriented management style to help this company achieved many goals and affect Express in many aspects. Such as the “can-do” attitude played an important role in installing MIRS computer system, which was widely refused to use in the country because it was hard to do. However, although Jiles had confidence in his culture, it seemed that was an old time story. There were a lot of problems came from this culture, and caused the scandal came to the public. As the leader of this company, he had the obligation to face it and solve it. Especially, the problems were caused by the core…show more content…
So that he tried some dangerous and sneaky way to fig the budget. He used network to do Preston’s request through the MIRS system. Tom Rogers was the North Base Supervisor. His primary goal was to ensure that enough buses were available to handle the runs scheduled for each day as the other Bases’ entire supervisor and all the chives. He had been with organization for 27 years and knew every work of the procedure, however, the extreme pressure he faced as base supervisor made him became “impatient”. He faced the pressure from the MBO and PFP plans that force him to tell the inspectors and mechanics to ignore various items on the different inspection cards and also asked them do not write “Bad Order”, which caused the fleet had potential safety problem. James Hensley, the brave inspector, found the problem and concluded that the system was wrong, so he decided to let the society know this issue and meet Centerville Globe reporter Ron Mendez to expose it. When the news came out, there were more serious problems uncovered. There were many subterfuges around the workers. The managers said the bus was repaired, but the truth is they just clean it and leave the same problem unfinished. There is a saying in the managers that the oil is cheaper than repair. Leave the unsafe buses run on the street is irresponsible and also commit the organizational cheating on the customers. In this case, I learned that a small
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