Expressing Ideas in Paragraphs

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In most cases, students tend to define paragraphs in terms of length where a paragraph can be half a page long or a group of at least five sentences. However, a paragraph is developed through the rationality and unity of ideas across sentences as length and appearance don't verify whether a section of an essay is a paragraph. This is largely because certain writing styles, especially the journalistic style can allow a paragraph to be just a single sentence. Therefore, a paragraph can be regarded as a group or unit of sentences that support a similar idea or concept.
How Paragraphs Fit Into An Essay: The determination of the content and topic of an essay is a necessary measure that precedes the determination of the composition of a specific paragraph. This is an important step because the information in every paragraph will be related to the idea or topic being discussed in the essay. Paragraphs can be organized in various ways depending on the controlling idea including narration, description, process, classification, and illustration.
The topic of the essay can also be regarded as the working thesis that functions like the seed for the development of the paper. The working thesis is the foundation with which all ideas expressed in the paragraphs will grow and support the content of…
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