Expressive Therapy Is Used In Expressive Therapy

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The Use of Expressive Therapy in Treating Disorders
Expressive therapy is the use of creative arts as a form of therapy. It's the practice of using visual art, storytelling, music, dancing and even poetry to lift one's emotional well-being (“Expressive therapy”, Wikipedia). Expressive therapy is one of the best ways to resolve issues with yourself since it increases self-awareness and allows individuals to fully grasp their emotions and acknowledge them. It also allows them to express their emotions in a nonverbal manner, reduce stress and distract them, which is one of the many reasons that makes expressive therapy very effective. Expressive therapy allows individuals of all ages to express themselves in an artistic manner when they struggle to find the right words, and it gives them a voice.
Just like counseling, expressive therapy sessions may open up with a discussion of the client’s current problems and their goals. In contrast to therapists who explore issues through talking, expressive therapists encourage individuals to express themselves in artistic manners to further explore their issues in a different perspective. For example, the therapist may ask the client to draw an image of how they feel, or reenact a situation, maybe write a short story or poem- depending on what the client is comfortable with. (Malchiodi, 2007). Art therapy is a
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In fact, the use of art, music, play and other forms to convey your feelings can encourage a therapeutic communication of raw emotions. Expressive therapies are especially useful when clients want to communicate aspects of their memories that they may not be ready to talk about in conversations. Memories in particular have been reported to emerge through touch, imagery, or carefully guided body movements. (Malchiodi,
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