Extemporaneous speech outline and speech with Cosplay as topic

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Title: “An Introduction to Cosplay”
Specific Speech Purpose: To share to my audience about the cosplay scene in the Philippines and answer inquiries in their minds about cosplay.
Statement: Cosplay’s popularity growth is fast and there are lot of questions in the mind of people about cosplay. It’s meaning and reason varies from person to person and there are negativities to it.
Attention Step: “Cosplay. I know a lot of you have in mind, what is it with cosplay? What do people get from wearing costumes like this and cosplaying? Well, congratulations because today, I give you a mini-introduction to cosplaying which involves it’s meaning, reasons why we cosplay, and the negativities to it.”
Clarification Step: “The reason I chose
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Back in high school, and until now, I’m known by my classmates and friends as the only one who cosplays in our class. Somehow it gives me the identity of “hey, she’s the cosplayer girl from this block” and it becomes a sort of label to me. And sometimes, this ‘label’ boost up my confidence and self esteem because of my uniqueness in that way, knowing I can do stuffs people don’t normally do.

C. Cosplay gives fun and excitement to people, making it become a hobby for some.
“The third reason for cosplaying is that it gives fun and excitement to people, and some of them make it a hobby. Back at my first exposure to a cosplay convention, I was amazed at how the characters that I was just watching at tv, are actually in front of me in real life, I’m like “Woooaaahh cool!” and so I became interested in cosplaying. Plus, when you really like, or even love something, you really enjoy what you’re doing and you’re excited about it.

D. Going to cosplay conventions or events becomes a form of relaxation and “detox” for them during their free time.
“The fourth reason why some people cosplay or go to conventions is that it makes them feel relaxed, especially when they’re enjoying, and this somehow becomes their detox actvity during their free time. I mean, going out of those tiring school stuffs, or even work, because cosplay is not limited to teenagers only, and rather than staying home, they unstress themselves by going to events.


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