Extend Fertility Analysis

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Extend Fertility - Analysis

Extend Fertility - Analysis

This assignment is about a critical analysis of Christy Jones, founder of Extend Fertility and her business plan about offering the service of retrieving and freezing young women’s eggs to ‘beat the biological clock’ for the future use. Her business idea was to offer the service of combining the best-of class science, service, and storage of the eggs.

Finding the Idea
After several years of studying and then working to gain experience, women tend to prefer first being successful in their job and build a career and delay parenthood until they are a older (Wilkie, 1981). A study from the New York Post showed that about 43 % of women with higher education between 33 and 46 are
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Of course it is very good that nowadays there is the possibility to freeze your eggs, but how can the best scientist and the best clinic help when your target group doesn’t know you. Additionally, as the target group are educated women in their twenties, they are most likely still at university or in bigger cities. So showing presence there and to educational work would be a good idea.

Dealing with Competitors
As this was a fast moving business and the topic of freezing eggs wasn’t new to competitors, Jones knew that she had to act fast. Her goal was to become leader in this industry including the scientific, service, storage, marketing and education aspect. With working closely with the scientific leaders, building exclusive strategic partnerships within the industry and being the only company with an FDA approved egg-freezing science, Jones wanted to make sure that she is and stays market leader in this industry. Though, it might have been very hard to be the only company receiving exclusive rights for FDA approval. When fulfilling the regulations, also other companies can be FDA approved (FDA, 2009). Additionally, a market analysis regarding other fertility centers and their plans for the future would be helpful. There, new opportunities for alliances might come up. Also, sharing studies and improving the procedure could be a possible side effect when working with other organizations. There were also other companies on the market with the idea of
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