Extended Families Essay

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Extended Families The evolution of extended families has progressed far from the early black and white episodes of The Addams Family, to the country life of The Waltons, and to the crazy lives of the family in Full House. It is clear that the changes in the portrayals of families provide audience members with a picture of families being more complex if nothing else (Bryant, 2001). Therefore, it is certain that each decade has surpassed the other in its growth and development of extended families. The 1960s series The Addams Family showed a very good example of an extended family. The extended family included Gomez Addams (an eccentric cigar-smoking millionaire lawyer), Morticia (his slender wife), Pugsley (their son),…show more content…
The grandparents were very much a part of this show’s weekly plot and were included in the decision making of the family. Since all family members lived under one roof, The Waltons is the authentic example of an extended family. This family extended throughout its parents John and Olivia Walton, to its seven children in the home, as well as the two grandparents living with the rest of the family. The Waltons was based in rural America, but its goal was to change with the times. The show was designed to respond to America’s longing for simpler, older country life, but the problems it addressed were relevant to contemporary families. Judging by its popularity on television, the show captured audiences from all over the United States. The trials, joys, events and developments of these television characters could have been those of our own lives. The well-known and popular show Full House, airing for the first time in 1987, instantly became a success. Full House captured the funny, heart-warming and unpredictable moments and highlights of a close-knit, extended family. When successful San Francisco talk show host Danny Tanner lost his wife in a car accident, he took on the dual role of both father and mother to his three young girls: D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle. It soon became apparent that Danny could use inexperienced, capable nannies. His best friend, Joey Gladstone, and brother-in-law Jesse
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