Extending Education System

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Extending the Education System

Andy Nesbitt, superintendent of education for the Grand Erie District School Board stated in an interview in 2011, “There is no exact way to measure how many students return for a fifth year and the number varies from year to year and at different schools. But, on average, he said that 40% to 50% of high schoolers are returning for an extra year of study” (Ruby). Why is this number so high? In 1921, the Ontario government enforced a tremendous idea that would improve the education system. They introduced Grade 13, a fifth grade in high school. The fifth year of high school was known as Grade 13 until 1984, when it was renamed Ontario Academic Credit (OAC). It still acted as the 5th year of high school
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The Markham Economist newspaper interviewed Naeem Javed, a Grade 12 student of Markville Secondary School in 2012. In that interview Naeem Javed stated that he dislikes the overall pressure not having that grade 13 option may bring. He also knows of a peer who planned his entire high school education with the intended full use of the victory lap. It was the only way the student could obtain all the credits he wanted. “I really don’t think the government should add any restrictions to the education system,” said Naeem. “Students may be planning to go into two different fields and for that, may need to take extra classes. In that case they may need more than 34 credits. More restrictions on the education system just make it that much harder, and puts that much more pressure on students”(“Time’s”). As stated by Naeem Javed, students’ ideas and careers change during the senior years of high school. They need an extra year to receive all the required course credit to go into a job field that the enjoy. An additional year of high school is also beneficial to those who do not know what they are going to do as a career. It allows students to try 8 new courses, which provides them insight of careers they have never experienced. It allows for more ideas of what to pursue in the student's future. There is also co-op for students to actually try a…show more content…
It is how much money Grade 13 took to maintain and provide for the students. That is supposedly the reason the Ontario government took Grade 13 away.Well, the money the government used to fund Grade 13, is now being used to fund full-time kindergarten. Kindergarten does not benefit a child's future in any way. It is just there to provide babysitting for parents who do not want their child to stay at home or with another babysitter. Parents have to understand what would be better for their kids. Something they will never remember, or something which would allow a student to explore the career opportunities and find out what they want to do, to contribute to the world. I understand this would be a heavier burden with government spending but I feel students would benefit in the long-run. Grade 13 develops a student's mind to express themselves and it would allow students to find their
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