Extending Lives--But at What Cost?

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Life extension has also had its role in popular culture in movies such as Logan’s Run. The movie depicts American society in 2274 when a totalitarian government is in power. Due to the limited resources, the dystopian government dictates that all citizens must die when they reach age thirty, and all the citizens of this government live with a watch that ticks down the time they have left to live (talk about a literal biological clock). This is a darkly humored film that can be viewed as an interpretation of Malthusian theory (described in 1798), which states that while resources like arable land, food, and natural oils grow linearly, the human population grows exponentially. Although life extension is an intriguing idea for some people, the potential problems it would likely cause, in addition to the existing problems that it would exacerbate, would greatly outweigh the benefits. Specifically, there are drawbacks behind extending the average human’s lifespan by a considerable amount, like extending the individual’s life past his or her health span and functionality. People could be sustained through biotechnology past their prime just to live in pain due to the tissues not integrating themselves correctly into…

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