Extending My Knowledge of Headaches and Migraines

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There was a point where my little brother had reoccurring migraines almost every day. When he went to the doctor’s office, the doctor stated that he needed to get more rest, reduce the lighting, and minimize stress factors. With this in mind, I wanted to extend my knowledge of this type of headache disorder. Migraine is the most common headache disorder and has a cumulative lifetime migraine incidence of 43% in women and 18% in men (Ekman, 2013). A migraine headache is usually a throbbing, unilateral pain and can worsen with exertion ("Migraine: Headache: Merck Manual Professional", n.d.).
Migraine has a one-year prevalence and common in 18% of women and 6% of men in the United States. It primarily begins during adolescence or young adulthood and often decreases after age 50 ("Migraine: Headache: Merck Manual Professional", n.d.).
Migraine is a form of neurovascular pain syndrome with alters central neuronal processing by activating the brain stem nuclei, cortical hyper excitability, and spreading cortical depression ("Migraine: Headache: Merck Manual Professional", n.d.). Migraine also affects the trigeminovascular system, which triggers neuropeptide release and causes painful inflammation in cranial vessels and the dura mater ("Migraine: Headache: Merck Manual Professional", n.d.). Migraine attacks are not caused by a primary vasvular event, but episodic and varies among different patients (Goadsby, Lipton, & Ferrari, 2002).
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