Extending School Hours In Australia Essay

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Extending learning time is not a new idea, however, as indicated in the introduction, a school cannot simply add an extra half-an-hour to the day and call that a timetable improvement. This is a tempting option because educational institutions and the Government spend significant portions of their budget on outside of school hours’ care, and expanded school day (days that start before 8:30 or finish after 3:30) or extension classes and specialist study programs appear to use otherwise empty time. In the Australian context, more than 40 weeks and 6 - 7 hours per day (including breaks) would constitute an extended program.
The Centre for American Progress has suggested that the lengthening of the student’s involvement for learning purposes
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It allows extra time for the inclusion (and recognition) of sports training and for students who operate better at different times of the day. The simple existence of an afterschool program that offers help via tutoring, or homework assistance and sports training shows that the philosophy underpinnings are within the education system but are still yet to be fully embraced. Where it has been embraced in Australian educational institutions is not by expanding day-today school hours but by allowing students to complete the senior schooling years over a number of calendar years.
Unfortunately, such factors as tradition and ingrained community expectations and the cost of extending the school day make adoption of such a model in many contexts an unattainable reality. Silva (2007) found that the additional days and hours are expensive, and that "changing the school schedule affects not only students and teachers, but parents, employers and a wide range of industries that are dependent on the traditional school day and year" (Silva 2007).
It should be evident that many factors must be in place for an extended-time strategy to be effective. For example, the strategy would likely be unsuccessful in a small to medium sized school that would not have the student population to support classes outside the normal
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