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George Bernard Shaw is perhaps one of the most prolific writers of the modern era. Though he is best known as a playwright, Shaw was also a respected critic, journalist, novelist, and essayist. A noted social reformer, Shaw wrote plays which dramatized social commentaries, and in 1925 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

“The gramophone will one day be used for language teaching”, prophesied H.G.Wells.

Shaw made a special recording on ‘Spoken English and Broken English’ for Linguaphone Institute. The English language – the way it is written and spoken and the way it should be written and spoken – was a favourite theme of Shaw.

The first thing Shaw likes to impress is that
“There is no
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One can apply this to learn any foreign language.



Stephen Leacock was one of the most popular humorists in the English – speaking world. The author began the article by telling that his friend Todd owed him a dollar. Todd had owed it to the author for twelve months. It was clear that Todd had forgotten to return it.

Leacock proceeded to describe the incident when Todd borrowed the dollar. Todd did so the previous year on the 8th of April when he left for Bermuda. He needed a dollar in change to pay his taxi. When Todd took the dollar from the author, the latter felt that he meant to pay for it.

After Todd had gone to Bermuda, he sent a note to the author about the temperature prevailed there. But Leacock thought that he had sent the dollar. When Todd came back after three weeks, the author met him at the train. Leacock suggested that they would take a taxi. Todd refused and they walked the distance. They spent the evening together, discussing Todd’s trip to Bermuda. Even then, Todd was not reminded of the dollar.

In the meantime, a painful thought began to haunt Leacock’s mind at intervals. Todd had owed him a dollar, and had forgotten it. In the same way, there must be some men to whom the author owed a dollar which he had forgotten. If there were such men, he wanted to speak out. He wanted to write their names down on paper.
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