Extermination And Concentration Camps

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Holocaust Camps “She had got out the train and looked and when she got there she knew that she wasn’t going to get freedom. You saw in her eyes that she was scared and everywhere she had went in the camp was the smell of death. You were able to hear the screams and crying of mother and children.” In the Holocaust, thousands of people have died. They were put into different types of camps. They were put in Extermination, Concentration or Labor camps. People were put in different types of camps. Although all German camps were horrible, there are striking difference between the Labor camps and the Concentration camps. During the Holocaust there were 3 types of camps. There were Extermination,
Concentration and Labor camps. Extermination
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They would be dead in less than 24 hours. In out of all the Extermination camps, not one person had survived from them. The extermination camps were run by the SS Chief
Himmler. (“SS and the Camps”) Then there was the Concentration Camps. In concentration they would work you hard. You wouldn’t die immediately like you would if you were put in the
Extermination Camps. You would have a better chance of survival because you were used to do something for them. People that was put in Extermination Camps meant they were useless and that they wanted them dead. In concentration, you had longer days to live but not a whole bunch like a year. You would die when working because of how hard they made you work. You would be used to do heavy hard working until you couldn’t take it. Then there was the labor camps. Labor camps you would work a lot but not as harsh. Labor camps was the best camps to be at because you wouldn’t get as hard punishments as the people in the Concentration people would of got. If you were put in a labor camps then you would have a likely chance of survival.
You would have a likely more chance of survival because you would work and still survive
Longer. Everyone that was in a camp would be killed by something. They either got poisoned
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