External Analysis Business Report

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1. Introduction KeepCup Company is an Australia private company, who are working in exporting reusable cups. KeepCup head office, which in Melbourne is recently exploring for the feasibility of introducing their product overseas to German. This business report provides a business analysis and consideration about the external environment in German. The purpose of this business report is to facilitate KeepCup in order to help the company to make decision for expanding their product exporting to German. The observation will go through on the political, economic, socio-cultural, technological and legal environment of German. Besides reporting the environment condition in German, this report provide analysis about the external…show more content…
Overall, the business law in German creates no different or contrast between the local company and foreign company investment or the established company. Moreover, the reliable laws make the companies able to plan their investments in the effective way (Germany Trade and Invest 2013). Apart from it, the business law in Australia has their own Guidelines and effective and consistent decision. The aim of government regarding to the Guidelines is to give a positive impact to the business conduct for companies in Australia (Australian Government 2011). Similar with German, Australia also categorized as one of the world least corruption by 2012 (Transparancy International 2012). Australian Government is concerned about corruption. Moreover, people in Australia also considered corruption as a harmful action for the environment (Bowman and Gilligan 2009, 438-452)
3.2. Labour Law
There are three main points according to similarity of the Labor Law in German and Australia. First of all, the legal working time for employee in German is eight hours per day (Liliane Jung 2011). Compared with Australia, which is eight hours per day, both countries have the same legal working hour (Work Place Info 2012). Secondly, the minimum working age in German are strictly applied by the government for employees in German. Hiring children for working, is forbidden by the law as stated in the YWPA (Young
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