External Analysis On The Airline Industry

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2.0 External Analysis
Meanwhile the external analysis refers to the people and the process that are outside the organisation and it most unlikely that this factor can be controlled by the organisation. External Analysis can be assessed by using PESTEL.
Political Force:
Political force describes the impact of politics in marketing decisions. It takes into consideration the influence of a government that may affect the business environment. This includes the business cycle of a nation, monetary policy, fiscal policies, and trade policies. For instance in 2013 the Qantas Airlines was severely affected by the political unrest in Thailand which in result, caused a major concern for the organisations to generate adequate revenue in that particular region. In relation to that situation, Qantas also didn’t manage to obtain their desired target of revenue in the Middle East region due to the political instability that most Middle East country was facing from 2003 to 2010. In nut shell, the political factor can relentlessly affect the airline industry at a particular region because people will normally think twice before deciding on their holiday location.
Economical Force:
Economic force refers to those forces that affect how much money people and organisation can spend and how they choose to spend it. This force examines the economy as a broad picture and its performance owing to the global trends. This consists of the deflation rate, and inflation rate. For example, in 2008,
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