External And Internal Factors Of Software

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EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL FACTORS OF SOFTWARE QUALITY PARDHAPHANI MANTANA (700612368) (Ppm23680@ucmo.edu) SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Professor Dr. Ma, Qingxiong November 21, 2014. Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Software quality 3. Background issues 4. External and internal factors 5. A review of external and internal factors • Correctness • Robustness • Extendibility • Reusability • Compatibility • Efficiency • Portability • Ease of use • Functionality • Timeliness • Other qualities 6.conclsion 7.References EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL FACTORS OF SOFTWARE QUALITY Introduction: The purpose for software engineering is to discover methods for building quality software. Rather than single factor, quality in programming is best seen as an issue between a set of distinctive objectives. External factors, discernible to clients and customers, ought to be recognized from internal factors, recognizable to designers and implements. What make’s a difference is the external factors, yet they must be attained through the internal factors. A list of essential external quality factors was displayed. Those for which current programming is most severely in need of better strategies, and which
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