External Business Environment in Hospitality Industry

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Introduction to Rooms Division Management
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External business environment in Hospitality industry.

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Introduction 3
“If we do same thing today as we did yesterday… …we will get the same results tomorrow’’
1. Forecast for 2009. 4 1. Travelers still tend to plan the trips. 6
1. Hotel challenge to manage Marketing expenses (Costs). 7
2. Economic requirements. 9
3. Seeking for
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Pubs, bars and nightclubs were top of the list, and restaurants did not fare well either and are fourth on consumers list of belt-tightening initiatives. Failte Ireland is to promote domestic trade with an aggressive marketing campaign this year which will be backed with a 3m euro investment and the campaign will underline the convenience and the value of holidaying at home in 2009. (Hotel and Catering review; February 2009)
Travelers still tend to plan the trips.

By the time consumer confidence slipped to all-time low in October, as measured by the Consumer confidence Index (www.confidence-board.org), hotel industry statisticians already were crunching numbers about how people’s travel habits would impact on hotel stays and spending. According to research numbers are still fluid in the hospitality industry, but these three tables provide the picture of where experts predict the industry will head over the next six month to two years, in terms of hotel occupancy, global hotel construction and consumer attitudes about travel.

1. 71 per cent of leisure travelers intend to take an overnight trip of 50 miles or more from home during the next six month. (October 2008 Travelhorizons survey) 2. Three- year forecast for new hotel openings
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