External Control

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It is essential for ensuring of ethical behavior in the decision-making process in public administration to rely on the complex system of external and internal controls. An example of external control can be a professional code of ethics. This form of external control is a representation of values and norms of conduct common for the certain professional group and promoted by professional associations. These norms can be enforced by a different level of sanctions or be more descriptive and possess space for discretion. The professional code of ethics can regulate the areas of moral responsibilities that cannot be directly enforced by law due to the difficulty to clearly define and prove a violation, intention to harm, etc. For instance, The…show more content…
Even though internal control can be also influenced by some external factors, like public opinion or judgment of colleagues, it depends mostly on the personal set of values and moral standards of the public servant. Professional associations can promote the implementation of internal control. An example of such practice can be the guide of ethical reflections developed for public administrators by The American Association for Public Administration. This guide appeals to the individual reflection of moral norms by the government employees. The main cons of the internal form of control are in the diversity of ethical norms, views, beliefs and values in pluralistic society. Individual values rely on cultural perspective, life experience, and religion views. Thus, it's difficult to achieve the standardized vision of the ethical conduct among professionals if rely only on internal control. Internal controls also lack stability and consistency and may vary from case to case. People may find excuses for certain actions in one case based on their personal sympathy to somebody, and be strict in another similar situation. Nevertheless, internal means of control are important and valuable as they reach to the level of personal moral where the law of code of ethics are limited. They may be more effective and prevent the misconduct in the vague, undefined situation, where sanctions would be inapplicable, and when professionals can use their own judgment on what is right and wrong. Internal control helps to maintain good conduct without costly bureaucratic procedures and
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