External Dynamics Affecting Labor Unions In The 21st Century

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From the beginning of the 18th century, labor unions have been protecting the rights of labors throughout different organizations. Labor unions are groups who represent workers who provide their services in a common industry. Their sole interest has always been working for the best interest of the workers. Labor unions enforce collective bargaining and protests to argue for wage increase, improved working condition, work place safety, access to affordable healthcare etc. The international Labor Day, which is a public holiday celebrated in various countries, was created by organized labor unions to uphold the basic rights of the working-class individuals. But the relationship between the labor unions and the industry has always been a tense one, especially during the times of massive industrial transformation (Gupta, 2014). Now in the 21st century, industrial transformation has reached the dawn of “Industry 4.0” which refers to the era of automation (Gupta, 2014). Massive technologies implemented throughout industries have brought the necessity existence of labor unions to be questioned. Different external factors affecting the labor industry has brought up the question whether organized workers can be as effective at a period when machines are taking over the industries. So, while work force load has been declining from workers, the purpose have labor unions really become vouge. This paper will be researching about which external forces have been affecting labor unions in
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