External Effects Of External Factors On Health Care Ethics

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Effects of external factors on health care ethics is an ideal theme that conveys the thoughts expressed in module two
Health care ethics is not only limited to factors that directly give rise to ethical issues such as not respecting a patient’s autonomy, and the beliefs and values of persons directly affected by decisions on the treatment of a patient. Ethical dilemmas are also posed by factors considered as indirect yet, very influential on health care ethics and can bring about a major ethical challenge. These indirect factors are considered to be external factors that influence health care ethics. These external factors can emanate from a sector such as the economy within which, is a great influence from market forces such as …show more content…

This poses an ethical threat to some contributors because they have a right over their health and may decide not to pay towards obtaining basic health.
Lessons learnt in this module include identifying external factors that have serious consequences on being ethical as a health administrator. I have learnt that, knowing and understanding the effects of external factors will help greatly in avoiding unnecessary ethical issues in my work place. Since it will help me to make informed decisions that will help avoid ethical challenges. For instance knowledge on what type of insurance are available and what the facility can provide at a given time will help in effectively communicating to marketers of the healthcare facility what services are available so that patients are not misled by services and products that can and cannot be provided to them.
Also, I have learnt that I need to take into consideration, the impact market players have on the health market as well as how that can affect conditions on the market in terms of cost. It is also important to know the factors that cause changes in the economy like unemployment, health care utilization, and increases in taxes on the economy in order to be aware of their impact on the economy.
Technological changes directly affect cost of treating a patient. These factors need to be properly explained to the patients so they can

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