External Environment : Internal And External Effects On A Business

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This is a report that will investigate the effects in which both internal and external environments can have on a business. Some businesses use the PESTLE and SWOT analysis to help identify the various factors. These factors will be applied to the business Aston Martin, a UK based manufacturer of luxury high end sports cars and grand tourers.
External Factors
There are a number of ways in which businesses can be affected by the external environment. Businesses can be massively affected due to the political decisions which are made by governments. A major political influence is changes within trading. Import taxes and tariffs discourage international trade by making imported goods more expensive than domestic goods. Removing or reducing these tariffs could make it easier and cheaper for business to trade internationally as it creates more opportunity. The government also set trade restrictions called quotas. A quota is a government imposed rule that limits the number or value of goods that can be imported or exported during a particular period of time. Quotas are used in international trade to help regulate the volume of trade between different countries. Sometimes two or more countries decide to sign a free trade agreement which can reduce or remove the number of quotas between them, this also encourages international trade. There are no trading quotas or tariffs within the European Union (EU) which means there is free trading amongst all of its members. This could be
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