External Environment Is Controlled By Outside Factors

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External On the other hand, the external environment is controlled by outside factors. Harrison and Shirom (1999) identified several prominent factors that are deemed external: “These external organizations and forces encompass funding sources, suppliers, distributors, unions, customers, clients, regulators, competitors, strategic partners…markets for products and resources, and the state of knowledge concerning the organization’s technologies” (p. 45). Though in a different context or degree, Harrison and Shirom (1999) also offered that “sources such as the economy, the legal and political systems, the state of scientific and technical knowledge, social institutions….and local and national cultures within which the organization…show more content…
Since the budget is determined by Congress and legislative actions, the decision to hire or allocate more funding to certain areas is not at the discretion of the organizational leaders. The Department leaders have learned to gain a sense of adaptability in order to maintain a presence or equifinality. Data Sources Data gathering, reviewing, and analyzation is a very important step in an effective evaluation or assessment process. The outcome as well as any subsequent suggestions are based on the data and review provided during the initial process. Guerra-Lopez (2008) emphasized that the success of an evaluation process is contingent upon five particular aspects about data and data sources: 1) data relevance, 2) data collection, 3) evaluating data, 4) data reporting, and 5) avoiding data errors. These five items contribute to an improved method and technique to build a better performance evaluation and supports the statistical finds and the qualitative impact of the communicated results. Guerra-Lopez (2008) claimed that an organization’s internal sources of data input are often used as a means to identify prior performance and assessments needs and results. The Department would greatly benefit from use of data gained from primary sources such as strategic planning. Since the Department makes functional use of statistics, prior year’s evaluations, and financial projection tools to determine its goals and objectives, the strategic implementation of the
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