External Environment Of The New Ceo The Company

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External Environment Under the leadership of the new CEO the company is focused on the internal environment and also its external environment. The company has many outside factors that influence its strategic planning and require that they are treated differently. These important factors include: • Customers (providers, pharmacies, payers) who demand satisfaction with the product and services they buy and use. • Rapidly changing technology and trends in health care. • Suppliers responsible for helping the company deliver tools/services to their customers. • Competitors that vie for the same customers. • Governmental regulations such as HIPAA, ICD-10. It is not possible to control these external factors, but it is important stay on…show more content…
Uses and Misuses of Technology This company is considered a high tech company and in the past year opened offices in Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA closer to the hubs of other known high tech companies and innovation. The goal of these moves is to re-define the company as a true high tech company with a focus on health care as opposed to a health care revenue cycle vendor that has technology. They also want to take advantage of the local IT talent pool and attract the best and brightest. The company’s portfolio has always included a software and hardware component, but has recently changed its platform to SaaS (software as a service). The SaaS solution is typically accessed by customers using a web service and has become a common delivery model for many business applications (Wikipedia, 2015). This change has allowed the company to start moving away from costly, difficult and hard to maintain software/hardware implementations. Unfortunately, during this transition to the new platform lots of customers will still need to use the legacy software and hardware. The company will have to continue to maintain these solutions until all customers have successfully moved to the new platform. Sun setting legacy solutions has not been easy for this company to accomplish and they have to spend lots of resources maintaining older systems. Leadership Practices The new CEO
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