External Environmental Factors

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International Journal of Hospitality Management 31 (2012) 119–129

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Total quality management, market orientation and hotel performance: The moderating effects of external environmental factors
Cheng-Hua Wang a , Kuan-Yu Chen b , Shiu-Chun Chen a,∗ a b

Graduate School of Business and Operations Management, Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan, ROC Department of Recreation Sport and Health Promotion, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, ROC

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With the market competition of hotel industry being heated, it is critical
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Additionally, the hotel industry suffers a lack of information regarding TQM or barriers to developing market orientation (Gray et al., 2000; Harris and Watkins, 1998; Lazari and Kanellopoulos, 2007); few studies have addressed this lack of information or the existence of such barriers in the Taiwanese hotel industry. In the competitive market environment, quality is considered the basic consuming condition. Hotels seeking to improve their performance cannot simply rely on quality, but must also design inducements to attract customers. Longo and Cox (1997) and Youssef et al. (1996) addressed the IPO (Input-Processing-Output) model of TQM, which displays the relationships between the TQM system and participants. This model defines input to enlarge the process and involve both internal and external environments. Process improvement and products are designed to focus on present

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C.-H. Wang et al. / International Journal of Hospitality Management 31 (2012) 119–129

and future customer needs. Output describes the way in which participant quality is enhanced to ensure profitability and custom satisfaction. To gain competence of hotels faster than
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