External Factors: External Influences On Music Subcultures

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4. External Influences on Music Subcultures

4.1 Friends as an Influence
Using growing adolescents as an example, schools play a part in developing students’ musical tastes when they are divided and arranged into different classes, since adolescent peer group activities are prevalent (Roe, 1985). It has also been observed that members in peer groups are able to create an identity and feel a sense of belonging that is different from that given by their family or school. Unlike academically successful students who may abandon peer group activity, the less successful students are involved in anti-school subcultures where popular music are often used as a symbolic form of expression of resistance or rebellion (Brake, 1985).

According to Hebdige
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For example, consumers rely heavily on technology for entertainment and to interact with others, even for emotion regulation.
5. Conclusion
In conclusion, the music preferences of consumers can affect and influence their behavior to a certain extent. Under consumers’ subculture of music consumption, their behaviors can be influenced by internal factors such as self-concept, self-representation, and self-expression, as well as external factors such as friends, musicians, celebrities and social media as an influence.

While using music as a platform for these factors, the materialization of subcultures as a response to mainstream culture open up outlets for self-transformation and alternative identity construction. This also reflects the escapist motivation of individuals who do not wish to conform to normal society standards. Escapism through subcultural habits and affiliations also allows consumers to avert, or break away from certain perceived undesirable realities of everyday life. All these factors play a part in influencing and allowing members to disaffiliate and disassociate from mainstream culture as well as to cope with feelings of
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