External Factors Of Global Fund

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It would be assumed that the nets are available and accessible to all the people in Mozambique. In addition, it would be assumed that people will comply with the promotional activities and utilize the nets. Furthermore, it is assumed that community members will be available to be trained as volunteers. In addition, it would be assumed that the funding will last for the program duration. Finally, it will be assumed that the Mozambican Government will support the implementation of the program.

External Factors
Global Fund procures nets in Mozambique and UNICEF has no control over the availability of nets during the implementation of the project. However, the program will engage different organizations to mobilize resources to act as a buffer when nets are not available in addition to making up a budget for procuring nets. Most of the documents including available literature is written in Portuguese. It is expected that the program will recruit translators to address the problem.

Another factor to be considered is the flotation of the local currency. It is expected that the project will set aside contingency funds to supplement for any depreciation of the local currency. In addition, project materials will be procured locally and in bulk.

Finally, poor accessibility to the local communities and political conflicts will be considered during the planning phase. Partnership with other organizations and government will ensure that all the program interventions…
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