External Factors That Affect Stress

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Within the past few years, anxiety has become something that many individuals experience at a younger age than normal. This can be explained by the numerous external factors that influence stress in daily activities that can cause an imbalance or decrease of gamma aminobutyric acid, also known as GABA, production in the brain (Haag, Quetscher, Dharmadhikari, Dydak, Schmidt-Wilcke & Beste, 2015). GABA is produced in the brain and helps control over-thinking, anxiety, depression and sleeping disorders (Haag et al., 2015). If one experiences a severe lack of GABA in the brain, it can cause anxiety and panic attacks. Haag et al. (2015) recommended taking GABA as a daily supplement to not treat, but help with anxiety disorders that consumes individuals’ simple daily activities. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, roughly 18% of all of the United State’s population deals with anxiety with an average of $42 billion a year on medications and treatments (2016). They also state that many people who do experience anxiety do not get the treatment they need due to fear of judgment and lack of medical finances. Anxiety affects an individual in numerous different ways. Anxiety affects how an individual can cope with certain situations, whether those situations be traumatic or pleasing, it affects how an individual handles situations, whether they are outspoken or reserved and anxiety affects relationships, whether they are family relationships,…
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