External Influences Of My Family

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"When we’re dealing with the people in our family – no matter how annoying or gross they may be, no matter how self-inflicted their suffering may appear, no matter how afflicted they are with ignorance, prejudice or nose hairs – we give from the deepest parts of ourselves." ~ Author, Anne Lamott A) This pretty much sums up my family. With all the drunken affectedness and improprieties, there was still laughter and love, even within its dysfunction. Upon discerning the external influences throughout my life, I would say my mother was the most influential; both good and bad. As she struggled to get over her father’s abandoning the family, she always seemed to struggle with the men in her life, including my dad. I think she married my father in the hopes of finally finding a dad figure to fill the void and love her at the same time. My father certainly footed the bill, but my mom always seemed unfulfilled. I know she respected and enjoyed my dad, but I’m not sure she was ever in love with him. Fast forward to when I was ten. I was already playing “mom” babysitting my two brothers for long days and now I was becoming my mother’s confidant regarding every area of her life, including the “ex-boyfriend” she maintained a relationship with while married to my dad. At the time, it seemed flattering, but later I came to realize, that was too much for a ten-year-old to carry! I began to resent her. In essence, I started to lose my childhood.
Don’t get me wrong, my mother was my
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