External Internal Factors Paper

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External/Internal Factors Paper

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The McDonald’s Corporation is a present and ongoing future global market leader. Operating in one hundred plus countries McDonald’s has to focus on the international and local trade and investment. To do so this global market leader must utilize new and creative technology to allow companies/businesses to develop new products/solutions to further the company’s success. Customer satisfaction and advertising is the common goal. To meet these demands McDonald’s has to strongly urge it’s components to think of what McDonald’s has to gain from diversity. From a daily scope McDonald’s reaches just about every culture, which leads to many unclear
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Eleven McDonald’s restaurants are running pilot programs with RFID (radio frequency identification) payment wands made by Texas Instruments, which may lead to the rollout in the fast food chain’s 12,800 U.S. locations. McDonald’s customers wave their wands in front of RFID readers and their personal accounts are charged. “RFID lets high-volume stores offer customers the convenience of credit cards without slowing down their operations while they wait for them to be processed,” says Dave Slinger, Vice-President of Texas Instruments. “They collect data on consumers spending habits so they can send them coupons and targeted incentives with little effort” (Rutherford 2001).
Through the new technology that is being implemented through McDonalds corporations, new procedures on using this technology are being planned, organized, and controlled by the McDonalds managers.
The tasty secrets of McDonald’s innovation factory
I have always wondered where McDonalds comes up with its tasty foods that keep customers coming back time after time, now I know. Everyone knows that there is a McDonalds on every street corner but without innovation these McDonalds would not be standing. I know that food is not the only thing that McDonalds is good at. They have a great advertising department and they are world renowned for the donations they make to different organizations. They have the Ronald
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