External/Internal Factors of Management

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External/Internal Factors of Management in the Microsoft Corporation
When the company name, Microsoft, is heard, it is automatic to think of the industry leader in software program technology. That was until the company settled in court on November 12, 2002, with a consent decree forcing them to allow other companies to use their program information to make competitive company programs compatible with Microsoft programs already on most desktops (Settlement Program, July 8, 2006). The Microsoft Corporation must now focus organizational goals towards diversity, new technology, and innovation to stay on top. The following will discuss how Microsoft uses the four functions of management with some of the external and internal factors that
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Diverse minds mean diverse working skills and ethics. Controlling makes it possible for the company to operate together as a whole to achieve their goals in effective ways. With such diversity, control needs to be the genuine importance for the company to successfully function. No control in a company like Microsoft means challenges in the end.
The use of technology at Microsoft has made the company unchallenged in both the business world and information systems. Looking years ahead is what sets Microsoft apart from its competitors. Management functions are used throughout the company in order to stay competitive, due to the ever-changing demand for new technology.
Since its emergence in the mid-1970s, Microsoft has continually used research to develop new, more user-friendly computer technology. Most people associate Microsoft with the 1990 release of Windows 3.0, but Windows in reality made its first appearance seven years earlier, in 1983 (Windows History, July 9, 2006). Windows 1.0 allowed users to use many applications at once, rendering MS-DOS obsolete. Home-based computers were not very popular in 1985, but by the time Windows 3.0 was released in 1990, computers were impacting daily life more often. Microsoft 's user-friendly programs had innovated computer programs forever but did not sit idly by. In 1991, Microsoft created its own computer-science
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