External / Macro Environment ( Ks )

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External/Macro Environment (KS) Lead in paragraph Demographics (KS) Demographic forces like age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, and social class all have the potential to present opportunities or threats for a company and an industry and create major implications (Hill 73). The United States is a nation having a population made up of people who fall into a wide variety of demographics. The United States’ population was estimated at 321,418,820 in July 2015, 50.8% of the population are female, and 77.4% of the population is made up of whites (“Quick Facts United States”). Joel Kotkin, of the Smithsonian Magazine estimates that the population will increase by 100 million people by 2050. The nation’s population is also expected to grow older; currently 13% is over the age of 65 and that is estimated to jump to 20% by 2050. This increase in an older population could create a potential train for social services and lead to fewer workers within the economy (Badger). Between 2000 and 2050, census data reports that the age group 15-to-64 in the United States is expected to grow 42%. Even as the population ages, a baby boomlet is expected to happen when the children of the baby boomer generation begins to have children themselves. America has a relatively high fertility rate, and this can be largely attributed to immigrants who have more children than Americans that have lived in the country for generations (Kotkin). An aging population has the
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