External Threat Is Improper Training And Knowledge

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External threats 1. Most external threat is improper training and knowledge. That could lead to losing customers or even worse a lawsuit. It is impart that floor management and leads stay active on the salon floor and interacting with employees. 2. Neglecting to keep up with new regulated laws can hurt the business and cause economic distress in the business. This will have an adverse effect on the ability to capitalize business ventures and generate revenue. I feel that it is up to both the management team and myself to stay on top of all facets of the business and make sure all "ts '" are crossed, and "is '" are dotted! 3. High turnover rate with hair stylist and nail technician is a potential threat causing staff shortages and over workload. In addition, company trade secrets and special projects leaked by ex-employees or sub-contractors. Three largest challenges The three largest challenges my company faces is (1) company secrets being exposed, (2) competitive market, and (3) boosting staff morale. 1. To enforce and to protect the business confidentiality all employees and booth renters would have to agree to sign a unilateral non-disclosure and non-compete contract. Within both contracts if upon their termination or resignation from Eke to Chic a clause restricting employees ' use and dissemination of company-owned confidential information.The non- compete states that employee agrees not to enter into or start a similar profession or trade in competition against the
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