External and Internal Environment of at&T

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External Environment Driving Forces Technology There is currently a variety of wireless networking capabilities that are emerging, developing, and integrating. The future of these technologies within the telecommunication industry will create better, higher-speed, and longer-distance capabilities. There are currently three providers for the digital wireless mobile phones service that create the networks via satellite. Global Service for Mobile Communications (GSM) has internationally appeal but is the network that Cingular and T-Mobile use for their service. Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), have better coverage in the United States and are mainly utilized by Sprint and Verizon Wireless. The newest trends plan to…show more content…
The Newest 4G technology that is emerging is called as the LTE (Long Term Evolution) from the UMTS. It is a partnership project called as 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project). It is making news everywhere because of its great fidelity and speed. It is also downward compatible with GSM, so the telecom operators can deploy LTE on their current GSM Technology. The technology that LTE uses for providing such speed is OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) for downlink and SC-OFDM (Single Carrier Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) for uplink. (Technology change in Telecom, 2012) AT&T has differentiated its service on the basis of customer service and quality of the network. According to AT&T Annual Report (The new AT&T: The world's most sophisticated network, 2005), AT&T continues to set, and quickly break, records for the number of calls handled by its network, and AT&T continues to set, and quickly break, records for the number of calls handled by its network, and AT&T completes those calls with better sound quality than any other company. The AT&T network continues to be more useful to customer’s everyday by building in features like internet access and video conferencing.(AT&T Technology, 2012) Innovation Every telecom provider needs to create a culture that encourages and rewards innovation, starting at the very top. It also needs to identify and design differentiated business models that are based on its core
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