External and Internal Factors in Opening a Brewery

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Bob’s Bohemian Brewery
A look into the General and Task Environments
By: Kimberly Hutchins, Michael Huber, Jason Hoy,
Emily Gauden, Erica Hoppe, and Dana Hunt

In a world where large, corporate breweries rule the market, craft beer is created to please an audience that applauds the styles, techniques and flavors. Though craft beer can be purchased through several different outlets, the best place to thoroughly enjoy the entire experience of the specially made beer is in the brewery where it was made. The article titled, “In Lean Times, a Stout Dream” in The Wall Street Journal1 states that, despite the hard economic times and consequent consumer cutbacks, sales of craft beer, the industry 's fastest-growing segment, rose
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This means there is economic opportunity present in the craft brew industry and that it could be a profitable place to do business.
If you’re a beer drinker looking for a variety of imported and local craft beer, San Diego County is one of the best places to be. In fact, in 2009, The Men’s Journal7 named San Diego the number one city in the U.S for beer in its article, “The Top Five Beer Towns in the U.S.” Beer drinking has become a passion within the culture of San Diego, especially with the rising popularity of craft beer. Beer drinking does not come without concerns, however, as the society within San Diego tends to link drinking with personal health issues and issues revolving around the well being of others, all of which goes against the customs, mores, and values of certain individuals living in the area. Like most any industry, the beer brewing industry sparks concerns regarding health, environmental impacts, and the well being of those living within society. Many people believe that drinking beer has a great impact on personal health. Studies have shown that consumption of alcohol presents major health risks including cancer, cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis, depression, nerve damage, and pancreatitis. Other concerns with beer drinking refer to the rise in obesity within the U.S. giving way to such labels as the dreaded “beer belly.” While many of these health risks

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