Extinction Of Animals And Plant Species

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2.3.3. Extinction of Animals and Plant Species

Violence against nature appears in various forms affecting different sectors of life. All kinds of hunting methods for recreation, food, fur, musk or any other reason have been the big threat to ecology. It is also known as exploitation of the rare species for commercialization purpose. The land of Nagas were once counted as the meeting place of wild animals and the riches forest but these days wild animals are no more, the dark green foliage is deceptive. It hides an unpalatable truth. The animals that once survived are on the endangered list. Once Nagaland was so rich in flora and fauna but now it is on the verge of extinct. The reason for the extensions of the wild plants and animals is people as they are greedy to get easily rich at the expenses of those beautiful and precious creatures .

People began to cut tree for logging and business for timber in mills. Selfishness crept into the minds of the people eliminating all the standing tall trees in the forest. Beautiful and distinct wild flowers such as wild orchids are the main attraction for the people. They are collected and sold for selfish attitude that brought extinction . Wild animals are killed for many purpose such as meat and decoration with colors of hairs and feathers. Another reason is for business purpose by selling meat, skins, teeth and fats for a medicinal purpose. Many homes prominently display animal’s skins and heads as trophies
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